Your Complete Guide to What & Where to Buy in Thailand

What & Where to Buy in Thailand

If you an avid shopping addict, then Bangkok offers you a wonderful shopping experience. With millions of things to indulge in at literally throw-away prices in Bangkok, you can be rest assured about the quality of the same. It is not easy for a new tourists or visitor to figure out where & what to buy in Thailand and what you should probably avoid. The short guide below will act as a Thailand Shopping Guide and help you complete your shopping experience. Browse through the awesome collection of designer goods, antiques, snacks, souvenirs, and silks – that are available across night markets, floating markets or even the luxurious mega malls. Shopping in Thailand is a pure test of your shopping stamina. Don’t forget to carry an empty suitcase when you pack your bags for your Thailand trip as shopping is considered a fun activity rather than a necessity.

What to buy in Bangkok

Thai Silk

Thai Silk, Bangkok

The collection of Thai silk is simply unmatched and the quality is fantastic. Jim Thompson shops offer an amazing variety and top quality silk. Browse among the several vibrant colors of silk in clothing, scarves, ties, cushions and pillows, table runners and tablecloths, bedspreads, bags and wallets, and much more. You can count on the silk products as one of the best in business. Beware of the fakes as the street vendors at the market and beach are perfect in fooling foreign tourists.

Fashion Clothing

Fashion Clothing Shops, Bangkok

If you fit into the Thai size, then probably you will have a great collection to choose from. The collection is available across every street and at tourist attractions. You can count on shopping as one of the serious things to do in Bangkok as the people out here are very conscious about their appearance. One of the popular stores where you will find cheap basic clothing is AIIZ. You will find shorts, t-shirts, trousers, and shirts at Thai prices.

If you wish to indulge in only designer labels, then there is an array of exclusive boutiques at every corner in Bangkok. The Pomelo shop sells authentic Thai fashion that includes work wear, exercise gear, and basic clothing at prices very similar to Zara. The mega malls of Bangkok are equipped with modern amenities and facilities which are more than sufficient to keep unenthusiastic shopping buddies busy so that you can shop till you drop. Do check out for fake goods as you purchase, as there are plenty in the store.


Koh Samui Beach Market

The gem collection is pretty awesome here in Thailand and one of the better places to shop for costume jewelry. Beaches are home to beaded jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, and much more. The collection and variety available at your disposal are huge, and you would definitely be spoilt for choices. Koh Phagan and Koh Samui are home to plenty of shops where you can customize your jewelry at an affordable price. A lot of Thai variety pieces like pendants or elephant charms are used in the jewelry.


Accessories Night Market Thailand

Thailand is popular for its delicious cuisine and accessory shopping. The collection is simply superb and offers great variety. Some of the popular items include scarves, unique handbags. Accessories are found across malls, flea markets, and even night markets.


Shoe Market, Bangkok

For people who have a shoe size similar to Thai-sized people, you would probably feel at home shopping for shoes. For others, you would probably feel at sea, as you fill have to find solace with imported designer labels, which are on the expensive side. But as in clothing and accessories, be careful of shelling out cash for designer fakes.

Thai Furniture

Chiang Mai Furninture Market, Thailand

Chiang Mai is known as the furniture hub of Thailand mainly due to the abundant quantity of teak wood available in the area. The northern side of Chiang Mai gives you better choices for furniture, carvings, and antiques than other parts. Browsing through the collection is itself a wonderful experience, but we are sure that you will find something really attractive and hard to resist. Most of the shoppers are well equipped to handle international shipping. The night bazaar of Chiang Mai is one of the places which you should never miss out during your trip to Thailand.

Where to buy in Bangkok

Bangkok shopping malls and street markets offer plenty of choices with several varieties and designs matching the latest trends. Most of the hotels have a gift shop, where itself you may find something you like. The prices are not very competitive. Look out for shops or products which are labeled OTOP, which means One Tambon One Product. This is a confirmation that the product is hand-stitched and not manufactured in China. If in case you are unable to provide sufficient time to shop in Thailand during your visit, there is OTOP shop in the International departure terminal at the Bangkok airport. The malls are clustered around Thanon Ploenchit and Thanon Rama I. Some of the popular malls to check out are Siam Paragon mall, Siam Square mall, and the Central World mall. The Erawan Bangkok and Gaysorn Plaza also offers a great collection.

One of the street markets which you should never miss out is the Chatuchak Weekend Market. Other popular night bazaars include the Suan Lurn Night Bazaar, Patpong Night Market, Chinatown, and Little India. Thailand Street shopping is a wonderful experience and we recommend every tourist to indulge in the same. Check out the collection as you browse through the bustling streets. Do polish your bargaining skills before you actually step into these markets. It is comparatively easy to clinch a really good deal for the well-prepared ones.

Every shopping trip to Thailand is a wonderfully entertaining experience. Whether you intend to hit the malls or browse through the traditional night markets, you will never be bored of the collection available at your disposal. While imported designer labels may be a touch expensive, locally produce are incredibly cheap. The market, malls, and street vendors are open till early dawn, you can probably shop till you drop.

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