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Get a Feel of Authentic Thai Culture as you indulge in Thailand Travel on Budget

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Thailand is one of the renowned holiday destinations for many tourists and visitors. It is famous and popular for its exotic beaches, tropical jungles, beautiful mountains, chilled out culture, stunning nightlife and splendid activities to indulge in, and delicious Thailand food. The economy of Thailand is heavily dependent on its tourism activities. Thailand is also popular among the backpacker population who love to visit Thailand again and again. Thailand apart from being an exotic holiday location, it also is an affordable destination. The best way to experience the authentic Thai culture is to check out the unexplored side of Thailand, rather than visiting the regular attractions. This would not only give you heavy savings on your budget, you can also indulge in more fun and adventurous activities as you check out the places to visit in Thailand. Some of the popular isolated and unexplored destinations include national parks like Koh Tarutao, trekking in Chiang Mai which also offers the best of Thai food. We have listed some points which would give you the best of authentic Thailand on your Thailand travel on budget. These points will act as a Thailand travel guide in helping you to plan your trip to Thailand within your stipulated budget.


Look out for low-fare airlines to Thailand from the neighboring Southeast Asia countries. There are heavy discounts for a limited time during the festive season. Land services can also be used if you intend to commute from Malaysia or Singapore.

Budget accommodation in Thailand

Budget accommodation in Thailand

Thailand accommodation ranges from the lower ones to the luxurious ones. It is not very difficult to find a budget accommodation in Thailand. It is somewhat difficult to find a low-cost accommodation in Bangkok because to the immense tourists’ population visiting the place. Outskirts or small towns such as Chiang Mai, Silom offer a cheap accommodation for every budget. You can get double rooms for as low as 450 Thai baht per night. You can also get decent accommodation in the Non-touristic or unexplored areas of Thailand. The area is well connected through MRT or bus. Budget accommodations include basic amenities such as hot and cold water. Some places also include breakfast.

Traveling in Thailand

We recommend you to hire a scooter or a bicycle to explore the streets of Thailand. It would always be a cheaper option in comparison to local taxis or tuk-tuks. You can get scooters for rent for as low as 300 Thai baht per day. The more number of days you hire the scooter or a bicycle, you are bound to get a better discount to the cumulative price. Driving in the streets of Bangkok is a big headache as the traffic is a bit dense. It would be better if you take an MRT or BTS service for commuting in Bangkok.

Eating and drinking in Thailand

Thailand Food

Thailand food offers great options for both veg and non-veg travelers. There is an array of street food vendors selling various meals across the country. But one needs to be careful while having street food, as the hygiene and quality of the food is not as good as in places such as Malaysia and Singapore.

Traditional Thai dishes in restaurants are much cheaper in comparison to their western counterparts. The cheapest options in restaurants would be Thai curries along with rice or noodles. Some of the popular Thai dishes which you must try out are Pad Thai, Penang Curry, Thai Iced Tea, and Yellow Thai curry. The number of dishes is endless and there is a big difference between the Thai food served in your home country and in Thailand.

Budget activities to indulge in Thailand

There is a great variety of budget activities in Thailand which tourists and visitors can be a part of at a very low cost. There are parks like Koh Samet which has a cycling track. You can enjoy the lush green atmosphere in the park or chill out at one of the exotic beaches in Thailand.

Chill out at Thailand Beaches

Thailand is also home to several temples and the entry to these temples are charged at 60 Thai baht per person. A strict dress code is followed for visiting the temples, so avoid wearing skirts or shorts.

Apart from these, you can enroll in one of the Thai cooking classes which are charged at £13-18 per day. Exquisite Thai veg and non-veg dishes are taught in these classes. One of the best activities to indulge in if you are really interested in trying out cooking adventures.

Khao San Road bazaar, Thailand

If that was not sufficient, then head to the Thai local markets. The markets are vibrant and busy and you need to polish your bargaining skills for cracking a really good deal. Some of the popular markets are Khao San Road bazaar, Chatuchak weekend market, Rot Fai Ratchada night market, and the Sunday night market in Chiang Mai. Browsing these beautiful markets is also something you can indulge in as these streets have plenty of street vendors where you can grab a quick bite.

Some additional points to note:

  • The northern parts of Thailand offer a great exposure to authentic Thai culture and its rich heritage. It also less crowded and cheaper as compared to Southern Thailand. The atmosphere is very relaxed and chilled out. Perfect place to head for a break from your busy lives.

Northern parts of Thailand

  • The public transport system is decent in quality and hygiene. Using them can save you a lot of time and money.

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