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Live like a local on your Thai holiday with essential Thailand travel tips

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Thailand is one of the most popular holiday destinations for tourists from all around the world. Thailand is popular for its beaches, delicious food, and plenty of entertainment activities alike for both children and adults. This beguiling country can take a toll on some tourists during their Thailand travel. For the first-time visitors, Thailand does throw plenty of surprises which adds up spice to your tropical holiday. Hence you should hit the ground running during your visit with the essential Thailand travel tips.

We have shortlisted some points which you should take note of while you are planning your trip to Thailand and also give you a fair idea of the places to visit in Thailand and what to do in Thailand. Get in touch with our travel experts to get the best Bangkok Pattaya tour package in your Thailand holidays.

Take sufficient time in planning a trip

Every package in Thailand would kick-off from Bangkok and we recommend you to soak up the atmosphere of the vibrant capital of Thailand. Spend at least a night on the notorious Khao San Road before heading to the Islands in the south or towards the north to Thailand’s second largest city Chiang Mai. Ideally, a trip to Thailand should take you two weeks to cover everything including Kanchanaburi and the infamous Bridge over the river Kwai.

The land of temples

Marble temple at twilight

Thailand is home to plenty of temples and visiting all of them would leave you fatigued. Thus, we recommend that you shortlist a couple of popular ones such as Wat Phra Kaeo and Wat Pho in Bangkok, and Wat Phra Si Sanphet in Ayutthaya, etc. Thailand offers a great tourism experience which is much beyond just temples, architectural splendor. The street life and the beaches are equally attractive as the former.

Delicious street food

Delicious street food in Thaialnd

Thai street food is available in abundance across every street in Thailand and it is astoundingly cheap. You may end up with food poisoning, but you can avoid those by taking sufficient precautions like sanitizing your hands before and after. Also, try to eat from vendors where there are big crowds, a faster turnover definitely symbolizes fresher food. Avoid drinking tap water, as the cleanliness and purity are not guaranteed.

Mosquitos the enemy

Mosquitos are there in plenty almost everywhere in Thailand. We recommend you to use a spray on repellent that has at least 50% deet during the day and 100% at night. Treating clothes with a permethrin spray on your arrival is also a good technique to dodge the mosquitos. The smell or odor may not be as per your liking but it will surely help you fight the mosquito gang.

Visiting an open-air Market

Floating Market Bangkok

Visiting an open-air market is something which we would recommend you to try. Not only would you find the best prices for the best goods. Polishing your negotiation skills would be the key as bargaining is considered a norm here. But we careful as Thailand is a mecca for duplicate products, so if you are buying something for a dirt cheap price. There is every likely hood that the products you are purchasing are likely not genuine. Some of the best markets to practice your haggling skills are Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok, Chiang Mai’s Night Bazaar, and Tha Kha Floating Market.

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Budget accommodation

If you have a fixed budget, it is recommended that you stay in hotels and guesthouses. Ideally, you should be booking early, but Thailand being a flourishing tourism industry, it would be highly unlikely that you do have some trouble finding a bed for your stay. Turning up and requesting a room on the spot would give you some cheap deals. Do keep in mind that air-conditioning and other facilities would come at a cost, but it becomes a necessity during the hotter months of May to October each year. If you can increase your budget for your stay, a mid-range or luxury hotel would ideally compliment your stay.

Calm and composed nature

If you get irritated or bugged by something that is going to rip you apart in some corner in Thailand, you would be greatly be benefited by keeping your calm and maintaining composure. Avoid taking information from strangers on public holidays and closed temples, you can check with your hostel or hotel instead. It is always better to agree on a price before boarding a taxi or a tuk-tuk or follow the meter. The locals can literally rip your pocket apart on this. Keep a good bonding with your belongings especially if there is a good crowd around.

Respect the Thai culture

Avoid raising your tone while you speak about sensitive issues or even getting angry as they will never serve the purpose. The culture in Thailand is laid-back and people will not respect you if you do not use a good tone to speak and communicate. Also, avoid touching someone’s head as it considered the holiest part of the body. Similarly, avoid pointing your feet towards anybody or any sacred image like the Buddha as they are considered the dirtiest or unholy part of the body. Smiling at all times is the key to getting things done here in Thailand. Thai have a reputation of smiling more than the average western citizens.

Drink it in

Beer is a very common alcoholic drink consumer here in Thailand. The local brew Singha – 6% abv and Chang – 7% abv are the most popular ones which you should definitely try out. The minimum age to purchase alcohol is 20, although you would be inquired only at nightclubs regarding the same. Avoid wine unless you are feeling flushed. Due to the high import taxes, you may end up paying minimum four times the cost you would have to pay in your home country.

Thailand is a beautiful country to visit if you are aware of the local customs and traditions. Unknowingly you definitely do not want to hurt the sentiments of the locals here. Be a smart traveler and enjoy a wonderful time in Thailand.

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