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How to Apply for Thailand Visa

A sensory delight of history, culture, food, and nature – Thailand has been alluring globetrotters with its amazing blend of ancient, modern and natural essence for years. There are dramatic landscapes ranging from lush forested mountains to karst islands, idyllic tropical beaches gently sloping into azure waters. There’s this fusion of modern vibrant cities that shimmer up into a lively, zealous night scene which are also home to some of the finest ornate Thai temples and pagodas. The quaint remote Thai villages evoke a refreshing perspective of simple life amid dense wilderness and green lands. Thailand is one destination that can fulfill any kind of holidaymaker’s wish – be it a family holiday, a romantic escape or an exhilarating adventure trip. Thailand summons you to visit its lands for the ultimate Southeast Asian holiday of your life. Eager to book your Thailand trip? Let us guide you with the best options in holiday packages and what to do before you embark on your Thailand vacation.

First and foremost, you may or may not need a Thailand Tourist visa to enter into Thailand depending on your nationality. If you belong to any of the 52 visa exempt countries, then you can enter the country without visa but only through an international airport and stay up to 30 days. Citizens of countries not included in the Thailand’s Visa Exemption Rule will need a visa for Thailand visit. An Indian citizen can avail 14 days visa on arrival for Thailand trip. We at Thailandvisa.ae, have a dedicated team who are there to manage the procedures and services related to Thailand visa. With us, you get the most reliable approach for your holiday planning at every step. We will provide you with services to obtain single or multiple entry Thai visa as per your trip requirements which are valid for 60 days and further can be extended for not more than 30 days. All you need to do is provide us with required documents for Thailand visa requirements and leave your visa worries to us. Here’s what is required for applying for Thailand visa.

Types of Visas
Visa Types Processing Days US Visa Fees
Thailand Tourist Visa3-4 Working Days 300 AED
Thailand Busienss Visa3-4 Working Days 300 AED

Thailand Visa Requirements

Thailand is one of the most gorgeous countries in Southeast Asia. With beautiful beaches, marvellous temples, modern cities and splendid landscapes, Thailand offers several exciting things to tourists. It is a great place to relax, unwind and take a break from your daily routine. There are several travel companies that organize and plan your Thailand holiday. Apart from this, with so much information available online, you can plan your holiday on your own too. However, one thing that you need to think about before you plan your Thailand holiday is your Thailand visa.

Thailand visa is issued by the Royal Thai Embassy. However, not all countries need a visa to visit Thailand. Some countries do not need a visa at all to stay for a set time period, while some countries are awarded visa on arrival. However, these rules are applicable for tourist visa only. If you want to stay longer (more than 90 days), you need to apply for a visa before you arrive in Thailand. This rule applies to all countries in the world.

Thailand Visa for UAE Citizens

If you are a UAE citizen, it is good news for you. Emiratis or citizens of UAE do not need a visa to enter Thailand. They can stay in Thailand for 30 days (maximum) without a visa. If you arrive in Thailand by air, you would get to stay in the country visa-free for 30 days. In case, you arrive in the country by land (from neighbouring countries), you would be able to stay in Thailand visa-free only for 15 days. In case, you want to stay here for more than the stipulated days, you need to apply for Thailand visa before arriving.

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Visa Terms & Conditions
1. Procedure

Thailand visa.ae provides its clients (mainly UAE residents), except for Qatar & Azerbaijan nationals professional visa services for travel to foreign countries. Our visa consultants are specialized to guide clients in choosing suitable visa package as per the holiday requirements, handle all documentation and submit the application on their behalf at the respective country’s consulate/embassies, ensuring the approval of visa in a timely manner.

However, Thailandvisa.ae shall not be responsible if a visa is delayed or not approved by the consulate or embassy for any reason that includes but not limited to:

  • Incomplete application forms
  • Incorrect or omission of information
  • Missing or ambiguity of valid supporting documents
  • Non-booking of airline tickets

In such cases, any expenses incurred by the client shall not be liable on Thailandvisa.ae. Upon request, air tickets can be booked by our team on behalf of the client as part of visa services. It is advisable to book air tickets and hotel stays after the approval of your visa if the same is not a requisite specified by a consulate. It is recommended to check with airlines for further information if you need to make a booking of transit flight for your intended journey, as transit visa policies vary depending on your nationality and the country you intend to visit. The approval or denial of visa is at the sole discretion of the issuing authority, Thailandvisa.ae possesses no guaranteed assurance of your visa approval.

2. Documentation and Processing Time
  • Before traveling, make sure that all your documents required by the issuing authority are in order and in your possession to ensure a smooth entry into the destination you plan to visit.
  • For visa processing, make sure that you send your passport with at least six months validity and significant documents within the specified timescale. When you sent these vital documents to us for visa processing, you approve to abide by all requirements and explicitly agree that Thailandvisa.ae shall hand over these documents to you only after the completion of visa procedures by the issuing authority.
  • The visa application processing time (including urgent services) mentioned are only estimates based on our years of experience in dealing with embassies and consulates. Visa processing time differs from country to country - usually, it begins the next day of receiving visa application and excludes all or any public holidays. Mostly, appointments are provided on first come basis. In case there is any error or missing documents, then appointments may be rescheduled.
  • Upon the completion of all procedures, Thailandvisa.ae takes reasonable care in returning all your vital documents including appointment letter, flight tickets, hotel voucher and travel insurance. It is the client’s responsibility to acknowledge its receipt via email. Once the visa is received, it is extremely important that the client should notify us via email on the same day along with any amendment, error or discrepancy identified. Otherwise, the visa shall be deemed as the acceptance of visa in the correct manner and no further changes shall be accepted in the event we do not receive your email on the same day itself. Any additional requirement or changes in travel plan should be notified in advance. Additional charges will apply for any further change and Thailandvisa.ae takes no liability for any rejection caused due to delay from client’s side.
3. Fee & Payment Mode

A processing fee as specified by the issuing authority in addition to a service charge for visa related services needs to be paid by the client. Payment can be made through a valid debit/credit card or online bank transfer. The processing fee is subject to change without any prior notice. All payment made to the consulate or embassy on your behalf is non-refundable, no matter the status of visa is approved or not. The processing fee is refundable only if the cancellation is made prior to forwarding the visa application to the issuing authority. In such cases, a partial refund equivalent of not more than 50% of the fee shall be paid. Thailandvisa.ae shall not be liable for any loss or expenses incurred due to a sudden change in visa policies by the Embassy or Consulate.

4. Enquiry/Complaints

For any complaint, cancellation or query related to our visa services, contact our team or send us an email to info@thailandvisa.ae.

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Thailand Visa FAQ's
General Question and Answers

According to the purpose of your visit, here is the detailed FAQ on Thailand Visa. Know what are the documents and qualifications that will make you eligible for visa approval.

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The Thailand visa exemption rule allows tourists from 52 nations to enter into Thailand without a visa for a stay of maximum 30 days. If you are a citizen of a country that is not listed in the visa exemption rule list then you will require a valid Thailand visa to enter the country.
Visa on arrival means you get the visa stamped on your passport during the immigration check process after arriving in the country’s airport. The main advantage of visa on arrival is that you do not have to deal with the hassle of applying for a visa amid your holiday planning and the documentation is far less in visa on arrival.
If you are eligible for visa on arrival, then you need to get your passport stamped with visa during your immigration check in Thailand. Make sure you have a valid passport with at least six months validity and enough blank pages for visa stamping. You will additionally require providing proof to determine that your purpose of visit is for tourism and you will leave the country in within 15 days of arrival. In case you need to travel for longer duration, then you need to get your visa done before you arrive in Thailand. In such cases, you can contact our visa team for visa service assistance and guidance.
Once your flight has landed, you need to head to the immigration desk where you will have to submit your immigration arrival cards which are usually provided to you by flight attendants of your flight. With your arrival card, submit your passport for visa verification; in case you need a visa on arrival, then you need to hand over all the requisite documents along with the visa fee to the immigration officer. The immigration officer will retain the arrival card and stamp your passport along with a departure card stapled to your passport before handing it back to you.
Yes. For tourist visa, you can acquire a multiple entry visa which is valid for 6 months and you are allowed to stay for a period not exceeding 60 days on each entry.
Your single entry tourist visa will be valid for 3 months from the day visa is stamped irrespective of your travel date.
The processing time for a visa depends upon the nature of visa application and various other factors of the visa application. Usually, a visa process for Thailand takes around 2 working days.
Applicants planning to travel to Singapore on employment or work needs to contact Ministry of Manpower office in Singapore as to which visa to apply for. In case the applicant does not need a work pass then he must contact the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority for a tourist visa entry. Log on to www.ica.gov.sg for more details.
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