Reasons for Thailand Visa Rejection

Reasons for Thailand visa rejection

Thailand is a beautiful country that is gained immense adulation and popularity in the tourism world for many years. However, although traveling to Thailand may be perfect for breaking the shackles of the daily busy city life, many people can face a Thailand visa rejection that may be a spoilsport for all your holiday plans. We bring you some common mistakes for Thailand visa rejection that applicants often miss out on or forget while processing their Thailand visa.

Incorrect documents submitted

Supporting documents are provided as an artifact with your visa application. Providing false or incomplete documents is one of the most common mistakes for Thailand visa rejection. Therefore, tips for a successful Thailand visa are always to pay close attention to the supporting documents about the type of visa submitted to increase the possibility of a Thailand visa being approved.

No Financial proof submitted

You are raising a red flag straight away if you do not support your visa application without any financial proof to cover your expenses in Thailand during your stay. The Thai authorities would like to know how you intend to cover your trip expenses, including boarding & lodging. One of the tips for a successful Thailand visa application is to provide bank statements having a minimum balance of US$ 700 or international credit card statements or original Forex receipts of a minimum of US$ 700.

Applying for a wrong visa

Well! Sound funny, Right? But there are several cases where applying for a wrong visa are the common mistakes for Thailand visa rejection. Applicant needs to analyze the types of Thailand visas and apply for the right one as per their purpose of visit and what best suits their situation. One of the best tips for a successful Thailand visa application is understanding that each type of Thailand visa covers a different purpose and should not be mixed.

Violating visa conditions on your last visit

Fulfilling and obeying the conditions laid down by the Thai authorities can always be a good idea, not only for your current trip. But it plays a vital role for your next trip as well. The Thai authorities would consider your past visa history, and maintaining a good record is the best tip for a successful Thailand visa application. You can face a travel ban or even a fine for any violation of the visa norms.

Incorrect visa application

One of the most common mistakes for Thailand visa rejection. Silly or typo errors in your application form or leaving some sections unfilled is committing a cardinal sin and putting a break on your Thai holiday. Read and follow the instructions well before filling out your visa application form. A simple color-coding used in the application form can also be one of the reasons for visa rejection.

Unable to submit multiple attachments with your visa application

If you are looking to submit your Thailand visa application online, you will be required to upload all supporting documents like purchased insurance and confirmed hotel booking. However, you are provisioned to upload one single page itself. However, many receive documents from the company insurance or the hotel multiple pages in length. Therefore, the best tips for a successful Thailand visa application are to ensure that the travel or insurance companies provide this receipt within a single-page document.

Uploaded file formats and size

Some of the most common mistakes for Thailand visa rejection are the file formats and size used to upload the supporting documents. For example, documents uploaded in word or pdf format will receive a failed uploaded status for sure. In addition, the system doesn’t accept any file size greater than 5 Mb. Therefore, the file uploaded is always recommended to be one of the accepted formats (jpeg/png) only with a size less than 5 Mb.

Sufficient proof of evidence of returning to your home country

If you have missed submitting solid evidence of returning to your native country post your Thai vacation – a common reason for Thailand visa rejection. Always provide sufficient documentation to prove your return to your native country, like an approved leave sanctioned or employment letter. There is another guide to learn about specific documents that you need to get entry into Thailand from Dubai.

Request for more than 60 days visa duration

Visa applicants are provided a maximum of 60-90 days of stay in Thailand on their first visit. You are requesting more than the allocated number of days than permitted will be a clear case of visa rejection. Always specify the duration of your visit and your purpose for staying in Thailand. You may need additional documentation to validate your statement at times.

No reference ID generation for the Application status

Suppose you have submitted the Thailand visa application online. However, you may not have received the reference ID of your application. Unfortunately, there is no helpline for the same; there is no point wasting your time and energy on this issue. In addition, the Thailand Embassy or Pass website doesn’t have a search option to check the status of your application. Therefore, we recommend you wait for another email from the Thai Consulate to hit your inbox. Off late, the Thailand Pass system has set up a Twitter handle for applicants to check for informational blocks about the Thailand visa.

Incorrect Email ID in your visa application

You have done everything right. But you may have spelled the email ID wrongly. As a result, you would not have received the reference ID from the Thailand Pass authorities. It is essential that you spell your contact details especially the email ID correctly. Keeping a relaxed mind is essential to avoid any typo errors in your application. You will be livid if your Thai vacation is compromised for such silly reasons.


This guide will help you save big time by learning the possible reasons for the rejection of a Thailand visa. So, avoid these mistakes and enjoy timely visa approval.

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