Full Moon Party in Thailand: All You Need to Know


Thailand, known as the Land of Smiles, has lush islands, beautiful beaches, stunning temples, and lively cities. Many young people, especially backpackers, head to Thailand for the famous Full Moon Party. Touted as the best beach party in Thailand, it happens every full moon on Kho Phangan Island. This beautiful country has a lot to offer, but the full moon party is a favorite of many. This is a comprehensive guide about the party schedule, what to wear, how to reach, and a lot more.

If you plan a trip to Thailand soon, here is all you need to know about the Full Moon Party 2024.


History of the Full Moon Party

Legends swirl around how the famous Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan began. The first bash’s exact date remains a mystery, with many saying they were there from the start. In the 1980s, tourists, especially backpacking hippies who’d been coming to Koh Phangan since the 1970s, started enjoying full moon nights. The village of Haad Rin, in a remote part of the island which was accessible only by tough, unpaved roads, became their spot.

From a hidden gem the party turned into an open secret, drawing bigger crowds. Now, millions of travelers want to experience the Koh Phangan Full Moon Party. Monthly, 20,000 to 30,000 people show up, depending on the season. Despite changes over 40 years, the Full Moon Party still holds its charm and should be on your bucket list.

Schedule of the Thailand Full Moon Party 2024

Full moon parties take place every month in Thailand. As the name suggests, it follows the moon calendar. Here is the schedule of the official full moon party in 2024:

  • 25 January, 2024
  • 25 February, 2024
  • 24 March, 2024
  • 23 April, 2024
  • 23 May, 2024
  • 21 June, 2024
  • 22 July, 2024
  • 19 August, 2024
  • 17 September, 2024
  • 18 October, 2024
  • 15 November, 2024
  • 15 December, 2024
  • 31 December, 2024 (NYE)

Please note that these dates might change if a national holiday falls on the same date. These changes are informed in advance by the full moon party committee.


How to Reach the Location?

For reaching the Full Moon Party, group taxis operate along the western coastline, from Thong Sala to Haad Rin. Although you may usually flag down these taxis on the streets, it is advisable to book in advance on the party day for safety. Group taxi fares start at 100 Baht (3 USD) per person.

Renting a scooter is easy on Haad Rin, but there are some risks. It’s safer to opt for a taxi during the full moon party due to the high number of accidents, extensive police controls, and potential difficulty finding parking spots for scooters in Haad Rin.

Where To Stay?

For accommodations during the beach party, it is ideal to find a hotel, hostel, or bungalow in Haad Rin, where the event takes place. If you opt for Haad Rin, it’s recommended to arrive a few days early, as securing lodging closer to the party on short notice can be challenging.

Alternatively, you can choose accommodation elsewhere in Koh Phangan, which boasts many beautiful beaches. Staying else where and visiting Haad Rin for the party may be more economical than lodging directly in Haad Rin. Some people even stay on nearby islands and ferry to Koh Phangan solely for the party.

You can experience the Full Moon Party in various ways:

  • One-night dance: If you are staying on Koh Samui, take an evening speedboat to the party. Dance all night and return to Samui the next morning on the boat. This works well if you are not planning to sleep at night.
  • 2-3 days: Many hotels and hostels close to Haad Rin Beach have a minimum 3-night booking requirement. Arrive the night before the party and stay an extra day. This allows time to explore the island or simply recover and relax. You can also attend some pre-parties or after-parties.
  • A week: Besides enjoying the party, this gives you ample time to explore the island’s different attractions.
  • A month (or longer): Some visitors fall in love with Koh Phangan and stay for an entire season.

What to Wear?

While there is no official dress code for the beach party, it is advisable not to wear your finest attire. To fully embrace the Full Moon Party atmosphere, opt for the event’s clothing line, featuring vibrant t-shirts and mini-skirts. Since it is a beach celebration, wearing your swimsuit underneath is a smart choice. Towards the end of the party, you will notice most people are in swimwear enjoying the beach vibes.

Full Moon Party Ticket Price

The party entry is 200 Baht (approximately 6 USD). Upon purchase, you receive a wristband as proof. This ticket grants access to all the party spots along the beach.

The best part is that you may not require a ticket if your accommodation is right on the beach and you plan to stay within the party area that night.

What To Expect From The Party?

The international vibe! Tell us, when was the last time you partied with people from all over the world?

Well, Koh Phangan has become a hub for digital nomads. So you will party with tourists, travelers, and remote workers from places like Thailand, the United States, India, Australia, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Israel, Italy, the United Kingdom, and more. The Full Moon Party at Haad Rin is one of the liveliest experiences. Several things happen simultaneously, ensuring a fantastic time.

Each bar on Haad Rin offers drinks with a DJ playing everything from pop to drum’n’bass.

What makes the Full Moon Party special? Well, full moon nights have a unique light and vibe.

You will also find bars and vendors selling drink buckets – sand buckets filled with alcoholic drinks and cocktails. It’s great to buy some and share with a group. Besides music and drinks, fire dancers are showcasing amazing tricks. Get your body painted with bright fluorescent colors by paint artists, a popular activity at the Full Moon Party.

Koh Phangan is one of the most stunning islands in a country full of beauty. Haad Rin Beach is perfect for hosting such a special party.

The party starts in the afternoon, peaks at midnight, and doesn’t end until the wee hours. People keep partying until the next afternoon.

Things To Keep in Mind

While undoubtedly enjoying the Full Moon Party in Thailand, there are crucial things to remember for a memorable night:

  • Opt for sneakers, close-toe sandals, or water shoes instead of flip-flops to avoid injuries from broken glass and sharp objects.
  • Carry only essentials like cash, and a passport copy, and avoid taking your phone. Keep valuables hidden.
  • Be cautious, as drugs are accessible but strictly prohibited in Thailand. Undercover police actively seek drug buyers at the party, and penalties can be severe, sometimes requiring a hefty payment of 3,000 USD to authorities.
  • If staying outside Haad Rin, be wary of steep hills and curvy roads. Take a taxi at night as it’s safer, considering police checks for helmets, licenses, and drugs around Haad Rin.
  • Stick close to friends to avoid getting lost in the crowd. Have a plan B to reunite if separation occurs.
  • Despite the tempting beach water, refrain from going in as the sea may serve as an improvised toilet.
  • Various vendors offer alcohol, including infamous buckets. Buy closed bottles from trustworthy vendors, eat enough, and stay hydrated.
  • Garbage accumulates during the party, but cleanup occurs in the morning, restoring the beach to its pristine state by the afternoon.
  • Fire shows are common. So, avoid attempting risky feats like jumping the fire rope, as burn accidents happen frequently if you are inexperienced or intoxicated.

Wrapping Up

The Full Moon Party in Thailand offers all the elements for an incredible beach bash, an experience you must have at least once in your life. So, why wait? Obtain your Thailand visa, head to Kho Phangan, and join the ultimate beach party. Additionally, explore numerous activities in Pattaya, Bangkok, and various Thai cities apart from the festivities.

Hopefully, we were able to guide you on all the major details around the Thailand full moon parties in 2024. Pack your bags and pay a visit – as you wouldn’t know unless you try.



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