Thai Massage in Phuket, Thailand

Traditional Thai Massage.

Phuket is a popular place for holidaymakers in Thailand. It has pretty seashores, fun nightlife, tasty meals and superb spas. Thai rubs and massages are a big part of Phuket’s culture. You can find tiny massage shops all over Phuket city. Here’s some more details about Thai massages and the best spas to visit in Phuket.

What is Thai Massage?

Thai massage has its origins in Traditional Chinese Medicine combined with ancient Indian Ayurvedic principles. It uses a combination of gentle rocking motions, rhythmic compression and assisted stretches to relax the entire body deeply.

Unlike Swedish or deep tissue massage, which focuses on manipulating the soft tissues, Thai massage targets energy lines and pressure points along the body to open joints and stretch muscles. It’s also called “lazy man’s yoga” because it resembles certain yoga poses.

Benefits of Thai Massages

A traditional Thai massage provides both physical and mental benefits, including:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Relieves muscle tension, back and joint pain
  • Improves flexibility and range of motion
  • Enhances blood circulation
  • Boosts energy levels

What to Expect During a Thai Massage?


Thai Massages

Thai massage is performed on a firm mattress on the floor rather than a standard massage table. You can wear loose, comfortable clothing during the session.

The massage therapist will have you move through a series of yoga-like positions while applying deep, rhythmic pressure with their hands, arms, feet and knees to stretch and relax the body. No oils or lotions are used during traditional Thai massage.

The massage normally lasts 60-90 minutes. Afterwards, you will feel deeply relaxed, both physically and mentally. It’s a very therapeutic experience! The traditional Thai massage is also called Yoga Thai Massage or a Lazy Man’s Yoga. Here, the client has to just lie down and relax, while the massage therapist help the body perform various yoga aasanas. The different pressures and postures help the body to relax, relieve stress, and boost blood circulation. No wonder, you are going to have a good time in Thailand.

10 Best Thai Massages and Spas in Phuket

You’ll find hundreds of massage parlors scattered around Phuket offering all types of rejuvenating and healing services. Here is a list of 10 top-rated places where you can get an authentic Thai massage performed by well-trained therapists in a comfortable setting:

1.  Raintree Spa at Sripanwa

This luxury boutique hotel offers a superb spa located amongst lush tropical gardens. All the therapists are professionally trained in a variety of Thai healing arts. Their signature Thai massage has gentle rocking motions and thumb pressure techniques customized to your body’s needs.

2.  Punna Spa at The Pavilions

Phuket Punna Spa provides a tranquil, upscale environment for enjoying traditional Thai massages, herbal remedies and Ayurvedic rituals performed by exceptionally skilled therapists. Their green papaya body polish and Thai herbal heat therapy are amazing.

3.  VB Phuket Beach Club & Spa

This relatively new spa located near Surin Beach has won awards for their Thai massages, aromatherapy treatments and welcoming atmosphere. The lovely setting includes beautiful water features and tropical gardens.

4.  Panpuri Wellness Spa

Panpuri is an eco-friendly organic spa in Phuket Town that offers premium Thai massage along with skin and body treatments using only natural, hand-made products. Their unique Onsen massage blends Thai, Ayurvedic and Shiatsu techniques.

5.  Let’s Relax Spa

This popular local chain has several locations around the island providing consistent, affordable spa services in an upscale environment. All the therapists receive intensive training in Thai massage, aromatherapy and spa treatments using quality ingredients.

6.  Sino Imperial Phuket

The Chinese-inspired Sino Imperial Spa located in Phuket Town offers a peaceful sanctuary for enjoying first-class Thai massages, body scrubs and wraps. Their signature Rainforest Steam Cocoon experience includes a herbal bath and full body massage.

7.  Silk Spa at The Village Coconut Island Beach Resort

Overlooking a quiet lagoon, Silk Spa provides a serene setting for therapeutic Thai massages, herbal heat treatments and relaxing facials. Their traditional Thai massage focuses on pressure points and gentle stretching. All products used are organic and natural.

8. Spa Royale De Versailles

This elegant European-style spa near Patong Beach offers superb Thai massages along with hydrotherapy services and beauty treatments. Therapists are fully certified in traditional Thai massage. Their spa suites with large soaking tubs resembles a soothing sanctuary.

9. Oasis Spa Phuket

Oasis Spa has two luxurious locations in Phuket providing relaxing Thai massages, Ayurvedic therapies and relaxing facials in beautifully appointed private spa suites. Therapists receive extensive training at the Oasis Spa Academy.

10.  Sala Spa at Phuket Marriott Resort & Spa

Overlooking beautiful Mai Khao Beach, Sala Spa offers premium traditional Thai massages and spa treatments in eight private spa suites. Therapists blend Thai, Ayurvedic and Swedish massage techniques along with organic aromatic oils to create a deeply therapeutic experience.

Tips for Getting a Great Thai Massage

Now that you know where to find the top Thai massage venues in Phuket, here are some useful tips to ensure you have a great experience:

  • Drink plenty of water – massage releases toxins so hydration is important.
  • Avoid heavy meals 2 hours prior to your massage.
  • Schedule your appointment in advance since popular spas book up.
  • Arrive 15 minutes early to relax and unwind.
  • Let your therapist know if you have any injuries or medical conditions.
  • Speak up if you feel any discomfort, so pressure can be adjusted.
  • Tip your massage therapist – the standard tipping is 100 to 300 baht.


The traditional Thai massage you’ll receive in Phuket offers immense therapeutic benefits for body and mind. With proper care taken in choosing a spa, you’ll be sure to come away feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated!


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