Culinary Journey by Tasting the Delicious Thailand Food Dishes During Your Thailand Holidays

Thai Food Dishes

Ever wondered how to satisfy your constant quest to satisfy your tantalizing taste buds. Well, the answer is a holiday in Thailand to savor delicious traditional Thai food. Thailand is often considered a food paradise with abundant richness in flavor and texture through the extensive use of fresh ingredients of herbs and spices. Traditional Thai food comes with a combination of five key flavors: sweet, sour, hot, salty, and bitter. We present you some of the must-try dishes which you should never miss during your trip to Thailand.

Thai Food Guide: Know What to Eat and Where to Eat in Thailand

Pad Thai

Pad Thai

This is definitely one of the most popular and delicious dishes made in Thailand. Here flat noodles are continuously stirred with spring onions, bean sprouts, eggs, tofu, beans, shrimp, and fish sauce. The dish has a vegetarian version also, which adds to the delight of every tourist. Some extra peanuts and lime juice to garnish and you are good to go with one of the mouthwatering dishes in Thailand. There is an array of street food stalls spread across the city serving Pad Thai where you can indulge in a delightful meal.

Spring Rolls

Thai Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are tasted best with sweet chili sauce, soy sauce, ginger and lime juice. This quick bite is simple and easy to prepare and is stuffed with tasty and healthy fillings such as bean sprouts, flavored herbs like cilantro and Thai basil, cabbage and carrots. You can grab this quick snack across various restaurants and street food vendors all over Thailand.

Thai Green Papaya Salad

Thai Salad

Looking for a perfect combo which would balance the three flavors of sweet, sour and salty together. Well, the Thai Green Papaya Salad is one of the most popular dishes all across the globe including Thailand. You got to taste it to find out the reason of it being so loved across the world. The salad is prepared using red chilies, fish sauce, papaya, and honey to give rise to a perfect delish and healthy dish. You can find this dish across various destinations irrespective whether it is a street food vendor or a food court or a fine dining restaurant.

Noodle Soup

Thai Noodle Soup

The perfect dish to grab a quick bite while you are strolling on the streets of Thailand. Select the type of noodles you want in the noodle soup and garnish it with shrimp, fish balls, chicken, bean sprouts, and mixed fresh green vegetables. Add some soy sauce, lime juice and a dash of peanuts to get some local flavor in your dish. The dish is served across all street food vendors and food courts in Thailand.

Tom Yum

Thai Tom Yum Soup

One of the traditional Thai dishes which is going to be a delight tasting it. The chief ingredients of this dish include a creamy coconut milk, tangy tomatoes, kaffir lime leaves, juicy shrimp, and lemongrass. This soup has a vegetarian version also which is served without shrimps. This dish is served across various restaurants all over Thailand.

Deep Fried Insects

Deep Fried Insects

Well, enjoy a bunch of various bugs and insects which are readily consumed as snacks. The insects are deep fried in a wok and topped with soy sauce for giving it a local flavor. Some of the popular insects which are served are bamboo worms, silkworms, scorpions, grasshoppers, and crickets. You can find this delightful dish across all street food vendors spread all across the country.

Grilled Seafood

Grilled Seafood

The best-grilled seafood is served by the street food hawkers. Seafood is in abundance in this coastal country and is evident by the several food stalls on the streets of Thailand. Tantalize your taste buds with tasty fish balls, prawns, shrimps, octopus, crabs grilled right in front of you and served with chili sweet sauce. Each vendor adding their own flavor and hence the same dish will taste different across different vendors on the same street.


Thai Fried Banana Desert

A sweet ending to a meal completes one’s meal and Thai variety of desserts will literally spoil you with the choices available at your disposal. Choose among the fine fried banana, banana pancakes garnished with Nutella and jam, and mango sticky rice drenched with coconut milk. You can also opt for a healthy variety of tropical fresh fruits like coconuts, durian, jackfruit, pineapples, custard apple, watermelon, and mango. The desserts are available across many street food vendors and they hit the menu of major restaurants and food courts.

Thai street food is wild, exciting, and occasionally bewildering where you can spend hours on culinary exploration. Undertake one of the most spectacular culinary journeys in your life by experiencing the best of Thai food and Thailand holidays with our extensive designed Thai tour packages. Our experts have several decades of experience in guiding applicants for their Thailand visit visa. Come and enjoy a culinary journey by visiting this beautiful country in Southeast Asia.

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