Visiting The Mystical James Bond Island Like a Local!

James Bond Island

Phang Nga Bay’s James Bond Island is a well-known landmark. It first came into limelight after its appearance in the James Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun as a picturesque backdrop. Tourists have been flocking to this amazing island ever since. The sheer elongated limestone cliffs that vertically jut out of the emerald-green water are a distinguishing feature of this famous bay.

The never-falling border of James Bond Island, or Koh Tapu (‘nail island’ in Thai), sits next to the equally popular Koh Ping Ghan. The entire area surrounding this island is breathtaking, but it can become congested with tourist boats during peak season.

James Bond Island’s Highlights

Phang Nga Bay has around 100 islands, many of which have unusual shapes, and covers an area of 400 square kilometers. Since its appearance in the 1974 Bond film, James Bond Island, with its signature rocky pinnacle, has been a popular tourist destination.

Because it is a protected marine area of the Ao Phang Nga Marine National Park, boats are not permitted to approach the island. Its precarious position is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. James Bond Island can be seen from a boat or a small beach on Koh Ping Ghan.

Phang Nga, named by King Rama III after the Siamese-Burmese war in 1824, is also known for its archaeological significance, with paintings dating back over 1000 years, and an interesting anthropological history with a diverse range of inhabitants ranging from Muslim Malay fisherman to traditional local Thai settlers in recent years. Phang Nga is an adaptation of the Malay language, indicating that the area was most likely inhabited by Orang Asli or other aboriginal people centuries ago. Heathen, primitive, and pagan-like people were familiar with these people.

Things to do in James Bond Island

Things to do in James Bond Island

James Bond Island is a popular sailing and kayaking destination. Most organized tours include stops at other popular Andaman Sea islands, for seafood lunch at the charming Koh Panyee, a Muslim fishing village built on stilts. While most tour companies provide plastic bags to protect your camera, it’s best to bring your own snap-shut and waterproof bag.

If you want more freedom, you can rent a long-tail boat for around 2,000 baht from Surakul Pier in Phang Nga (3 to 4 hours). It can accommodate up to ten people, making it ideal for small groups.

When you visit this incredible location, you will be able to take the most stunning photos of your life in some of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand. Swimming in the James Bond Beach’s smooth, clear waters, you will enjoy the gentle sun and become one with the nature that surrounds the bay.

Have a good time in Thailand with your family, friends, or significant other as you bask in the glory of nature. Enjoy the merging of blue and green while admiring the incredible limestone tower that has naturally formed over thousands of years and taking in the breathtaking sunsets and sunrises over the islands.

There are souvenir shops wherever there are tourists. Obviously, this is also true on James Bond Island. It’s also worth noting that some of the vendors live on the floating Muslim village of Koh Panyee. This island is frequently visited as part of the James Bond Island Tour. The goods available for purchase here are frequently identical to those available at other tourist destinations. The main difference is that the prices are slightly higher here. You’ll have to haggle hard to get a reasonable price for a souvenir from your James Bond Tour.

How do you get to James Bond Island?

How do you get to James Bond Island

A boat tour is available to visit James Bond Island. The majority of visitors begin their tour in Phang Nga or Phuket. However, you can also ride from distant destinations such as Khao Lak and Krabi. Tours in the area are cheaper and longer from Phang Nga because the distances are shorter. In most cases, you will visit an additional island and temple. To avoid disappointment, always request the program before making a reservation.

A tour can be booked at any travel agency. Larger (speed)boats are usually used from Phuket, and depart from the Ao Po Pier in the northwest corner of the island.

Longtail boats are more commonly used in Phang Nga and depart from Tha Dan Pier, which is located ten kilometers from Phang Nga Town. You can fall in love with Thailand’s picturesque landscapes even more by extending the trip to the tropical paradise of Coral Island.

James Bond Island Tour

James Bond Island Tour

Several beautiful locations will be visited during the James Bond Island Tour. Amongst the many things to do in Phuket, this is the most popular tour.

The boat ride to the various islands is a real treat, with the overgrown rock formations that emerge from the emerald green water. It’s almost surrealistic in its beauty! There are “rooms” (Hongs) in the rocks where you can enter with a kayak and end up in a mini jungle —an experience you will never forget! Popular Thailand islands include Koh Panyee, Hong Island, Koh Thalu Ok, Naka Island, and Koh Panak.

Of course, the James Bond Island Tour includes a visit to James Bond Island and its unique rock in the water. Lunch is frequently served on the island of Koh Panyee, after which you have time to explore the unique village.

Some James Bond tours will also take you to a relaxing island or another location where you can kayak. Most tours take roughly the same route, but there are also private tours or small-scale tours that allow for more personal preferences. Since you are in Phuket, do enjoy wonderful things to do in Bang Tao Beach. 
Overall, James Bond Island is a fantastic place to start your island hopping habit while on vacation in Phuket!

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