7 Most Celebrated Mosques to Explore the Muslim-Friendly Bangkok


Thailand’s largest city, Bangkok, offers a wealth of chances for individuals who want to travel and try new things. Bangkok is home to some of the finest architectural wonders in the nation, including mosques, temples, and other buildings. The mosques in Bangkok were built with ancient Arab & Thai architectural techniques, which is a pleasure for everyone who enjoys architecture. Suppose you wish to explore the beautiful Bangkok mosques. In that case, you have to apply for a Thailand visa immediately, to be more specific, a Thailand tourist visa or a Thailand visit visa from a renowned visa provider such as Rayna Tours and Travels.

List of 7 Most Popular and Must-Visit Mosques in Bangkok

1. Ban Oou Mosque

Ban Oou Mosque

One of the earliest mosques in Thailand, Ban Oou Mosque, was constructed in the 1940s. The mosque nevertheless holds on to the priceless relics of the neighborhood, like an old daf and a frame drum. This century-old artifact, a frame drum, was previously used to call people together and announce the times of daytime worship. Although small, this mosque is nearly a century old & a reminder of when Muslims first began to settle in Bang Rak. During King Rama V’s time, the Islamic community established itself in the region and built the mosque during the early 1900s. Follow the white walls of the mosque all the way around.

2. Thai Pakistan Friendship Mosque

This mosque was created more than 25 years ago by the Thai Pakistani Friendship Association to foster cultural interaction and kinship between the citizens of the two nations. This mosque is renowned for the delectable meals it serves throughout Ramadan. The Thai Pakistani Friendship Association, situated in Bangkok, which was founded 20 years ago to foster cultural interaction and friendship between the citizens of the two nations, funded the construction of this mosque. It is also occasionally referred to as “Masjid Shaboojan Ayutthaya,” given its location. If you are traveling during Ramadan and looking at a Muslim visitor guide for Bangkok to stop & breakfast, then you know where! The mosque has Jummah prayers and iftar with delectable Pakistani food. Outside the mosque, a few eateries serve Indian and Pakistani cuisine.

3. Haroon Mosque

Haroon Mosque BangkokImage Credit: bangkok101.com

Among the oldest & most stunning mosques is the Haroon Mosque, constructed in the nineteenth century. The mosque features two prayer rooms with a combined capacity of around 3000 people and a library, bookstore, food court, and office space. Education of the non-Muslim community & the promotion of harmony is two of the main goals of the Haroon mosque. If you are looking for mosques in Bangkok close by and around the Silom/Bangrak region, then this is the mosque for you. It is another well-known building in Thailand. An Indonesian-Arab businessman built it in 1837, but it was rebuilt in 1934. The mosque is frequently crowded with visitors; many of them are ex-pat families from Pakistan, India, and Africa who reside in Bangkok. English is the official language here, and the Jummah Khutbah is frequently repeated in English. Since travelling is easy here and there are a lot of attractions, you can plan a 3-day trip to Bangkok.

4. The Foundation of Islamic Centre Thailand

With a floor space of 16,000 square meters and seating for more than 3000 people, the Islamic Foundation of Thailand is indeed one of Bangkok’s largest mosques. The mosque was designed with a distinctive and peculiar architectural design, and it was finished in 1984. One mosque you should include in your list of well-known mosques in Thailand is the Islamic Foundation of Thailand, which is among the biggest in Bangkok. It is also among Bangkok’s most exquisite mosques. The structure includes two huge prayer halls with a combined seating capacity of 3000 people, two restrooms, a sizable auditorium, a library, a bookstore, a food court, and office space. Establishing a peaceful environment and educating the non-Muslim population are two of this mosque’s key objectives. You also cannot ignore its distinctive architecture. A stunning sight to behold is the pillars outside, which resemble flipped umbrellas, and the intricately designed inside with gold and blue highlights.

5. Bang Luang Mosque

Around the year 1780, the Bang Luang Mosque was constructed especially for Thai Muslims. This mosque, also known as Kudi Khao, is the only one built in the traditional Thai style out of bricks & concrete. This mosque must always be seen since its design is the best illustration of the fusion of Islamic & Thai art. During King Taskin’s battles to free Thailand from Burma, Thai Muslims who resided beside the Bang Luang Canal constructed Bang Luang Mosque in 1767. It is one of Bangkok’s oldest mosques and one of the few still built of brick and concrete (the traditional Thai style). The mosque’s interior is decorated with tri-ethnic arts and includes 30 minarets, which are claimed to represent 30 chapters of the Holy Quran. This area’s residents are now recognized as the Kudi Khao Community, and this mosque continues serving the community as it did all those years ago.

6. Tonson Mosque

Tonson Mosque Bangkok

A revered mosque in the Sunni branch of Islam is called Tonson Mosque. Tonson Mosque, which is thought to have been constructed sometime between 1610 and 1628, is regarded as the oldest mosque both in Bangkok & Thailand. Originally named Kudai Yai, it was a teak-wood house with terracotta roof tiles resembling the Buddhist monastery’s hall. Inside a mosque, there is a Mimbun or pulpit. The Mimbun includes images of the Kaaba and Arabic calligraphy. This mosque dated to 1688 and was constructed in the Ayutthaya era. Following renovation into a brick structure, it was rebuilt from the ground up as a concrete structure in 1952 due to the prior structure’s fragility. The twin pine tree, known in Thai as Ton Son, was planted ahead of the mosque’s gate and walls at this time, giving it its current name. When visiting Wat Arun/Wat Kanlayanamit in Bangkok and seeking neighboring mosques, the mosque is conveniently reachable by public boat and a great choice.

7. AI-Hussein Mosque

This mosque has been in existence for almost 300 years, as the name suggests. One of Thailand’s oldest mosques, formerly known as Al-Hussein Mosque, is still in use by the area’s sizable Muslim population. The tower of this historic mosque was constructed in the Chinese style using wood from hummingbird & ironwood trees. According to your Muslim travel guide to Bangkok, Al Hussein Mosque is among the mosques in Thailand that you must see. Locals call it the “300 Year Mosque” because it has been standing for at least that long. It is amid the earliest mosques in Thailand, with wooden construction and terracotta roofing influenced by Chinese, Malaysian, and Thai traditional architecture. It was constructed in 1634 at the time of the Pattani kingdom with assistance from the local Muslim and Buddhist populations. The handwritten Quran & the mosque’s building designs are still around today and are unquestionably fascinating historical artifacts to see while on a Muslim tour of Bangkok.


The capital of Thailand and its most populous and largest city is Bangkok. For those who love to travel, it is also a fantastic destination with many great options; Bangkok has everything, from culture & food to shopping & adventure! However, this post will surely be helpful if you are about where to discover mosques in Bangkok. Not just mosques, but there are also beautiful temples in Bangkok like Grand Palace. So, you can enjoy all kinds of vibes in the capital city.

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