3 Days in Bangkok


Bangkok has a landscape featuring a maze of lanes, teeming market scenes, intense mix of culinary and a multifaceted personality. It is thriving with beautiful sights, world-famous shrines, multicultural cuisine and vibrant streets. One can completely fall in love with the energy of the city and its welcoming population.

The country’s capital has hundreds of opportunities for the tourists, from smelling Ramen noodles mingled with mango sticky rice to haggling at wide-ranging markets to strolling at roads and having a conversation with monks to stumbling upon the famous heritage buildings.

If you are catching the Thailand visa in your hand and finding yourself in the middle of the muddle on where to start and how to spend the 3 days of your holiday in this cultural capital, we have got you covered.

Day 1:

1.Start your day with the Grand Palace 

Words won’t do justice to the elegance and opulence of this royal temple. Standing from 1782, spread over 218,000 sq m, and reaching 1900 metres in length, this is a stunning structure that hosts royal ceremonies and state functions. Thai people’s craftsmanship deserves applause after watching the temple’s excellent design and intricate details. A former residence to the king, today it imbibes many other temples and buildings in its complex. The Temple of the Emerald Buddha is located in a corner of the outer court which boasts a small buddha statue, golden spires and glittering mosaics.

Open daily from 8:30am-3:30pm; 100THB

2.Follow the path to the neighbours War Pho and Wat Arun 

You won’t even get over the beauty of the Grand Palace when again the richness of the architecture of Wat Pho and Wat Arun will mesmerize you. Take a taxi or join a walking tour to reach Wat Arun, overlooking on the opposite side of the street while Wat Pho lies roughly on the next door to the Grand Palace.

Wat Pho is a temple of the reclining Buddha, which falls under the list of first-class royal temples. Recognised by UNSECO, this is an elegant shrine which still carries its legacy of the therapeutic Thai Massage, inside its walls.

Sitting next to the Chao Phyra river is the temple of dawn, Wat Arun. This is a little unusual in designs with colourfully decorated spire, bright glasses surrounded by Chines porcelain and the detailed murals accentuating the overall appeal.

Wat Pho- Open daily from 8:30am-3: 30 pm; 500 THB
Wat Arun- Open daily from 8 am–5:30 pm; 50 THB

3.Savour and shop at Chinatown 

To all the gourmands who are looking to try something different and delicious, Bangkok’s Chinatown is your heaven. Be swayed by the sea of shoppers in the day and of foodies at night. Its sights, smell and shops will make your day and it could be daunting to explore everything here. Thus, flock to the landmarks to at least cover the essence of the place in few hours of a stroll. Begin with the Wat Traimit, that has the largest gold Buddha in the world, take pictures with an impressive background of China Gate, gobble at Yaowarat, sip the classic wine at Grand China Princess revolving rooftop bar, and take a tour of the world’s largest Chinatown on cycle

4.Go all out at Khao San Road

All colours gather and pour at this vibrant street that has an infectious energy and bustling crowd. This is the place to experience shades of a diverse mix of people and hear tales of local culture. Go shopping without making a dent in your wallet at Peruse Thanon Khao San Market where you can choose from the radiant T-shirts, stylish handbags, miniature Buddha, homemade goods, phone cases and lot other cheap stuff. The add-ons are: see Bangkok’s National Gallery, ride a boat, pay a visit to the royal Wat Bowonniwet and Wat Chana Songkhram, and depart to the backpacker trails.

Day 2: 

1.Check out the art and artefacts of Jim Thompson House 


It’s the bright sunny morning and you feel motivated to have another happening day around. Kick start with halting at a traditional house turned into a museum and art gallery. Named after the former owner, businessman and architect Jim Thompson who made a fortune in the mid-20th century by selling Thai silk, the place houses his rare art collection. The six Thai-styled houses, collection of antiques, artwork, and religious artefacts, educational programs make it worth visiting.

Open daily at 9:00 am – 6:00 pm; 200 TBH

2.Discover Bangkok Art and Culture centre

Offering the widest range art scenes, designs, poetry, drama, music compilations and seminars under one roof, the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre is the replication of the contemporary Bangkok. It gives an insight into the modern Thai culture and its burgeoning art. Listed in the popular hangout spots for students, you will find the peppy young vibe here. Besides treating your eyes and brains with some interesting displays, also step inside the shops, the art library and a couple of cafes serving coffee and snacks.

3.Unwind at Lumpini Park

Relax and sit back at the first public park in Bangkok. It is a multifunctional park that will open doors of a myriad of recreational and leisure activities. Leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind as you take a respite and laze in the green park with the skyscrapers beyond and a lake nearby. From flowers like the Golden-Rain Tree and Bougainvillea to birds like Oriental Magpie Robin, the park is flourishing with real nature. Other than the countless colourful flowers, the park is entirely man-made which presents an unparalleled beauty. You can have laid-back time, stroll around, play with kids, ride the paddle boats in the large lake, grab a snack at one of those outlets and practice tai chi.

4.Learn Thai Cooking 

As you will fill the appetite with the kind of delicacies found in Bangkok, you would be amazed by each one of them. And the popular way to take the flavours of Bangkok back home is by learning how they are cooked. Whether you have an interest in being in the chef’s shoes or not, the Thai cooking classes will thrill you. They take you through the culinary adventure, tell you about the ingredients for aroma and taste that you may have never experienced before, and provide you access to online videos too.

5.Head to Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market Bangkok

We are talking about the largest market in Thailand. It is very easily accessible by taxis or MRT and puts up 15,000 retails with products like apparels, food, Guate leather, silk, and jewellery. It is a wide area with lavish hotels, attractions and restaurants around. After shopping, it provides a convenient gateway to other hotspots.

6.Relish at Rooftop bar

Bangkok steamy night scenes are one of the most drawing reasons. The sky-high cocktail with sweeping views is the next big thing. Sit with your loved ones, pop up the champagne and soak up the city’s panoramic views from the top. The few popular in the list are Vertigo, SkyBar, Three Sixty and Above Eleven.

Day 3: 

1.Take a ferry on Chao Phraya river

Make your last day count by enjoying a great ride on the water taxi. The Chao Phraya River is flowing through the eye-catching buildings and landmarks that would be yet to tick off from your bucket list. You will be mesmerised by the Thai heritage and culture imprinted on both sides of the river. You can couple the experience with other activities, by booking the 2-hour night cruise that looks fancy, has old romantic songs on loop and a gourmet buffet.

2.Tour Wat Saket

One of the city’s oldest temples, the temple of the Golden Mount, is standing eminent from the Ayutthaya period. The main stupa rests on the 80-meter high mountain and is reached through the many steps leading to the mount. When you reach atop, you will be blessed with another panoramic view of Bangkok. In November, there is an annual festival where you can experience the decorative and lively atmosphere.

Open daily from 9 AM to 7 PM; 50 TBH

3.Explore Sampeng Lane Market 

The hunt for bargainers ends here. The narrow lanes are bustling with stores and stalls that have everything from fashion and accessories to electronics. It mixes with the experience of Chinatown and offers jaw-dropping discounts when items are bought in bulk. Few items that you can look for are silk sarongs, jewellery, DVDs, footwear, home décor, toys, makeup & cosmetics, handicrafts, dried food and late souvenirs and knickknacks. At night, gradually the street hawkers crop up giving you the bite of authentic Thai food, snacks and drinks.

4.Safari Zoo

Thailand’s best open zoo and leisure park, Safari Zoo is heaven for animal lovers. Strap yourself to the seats of safari and go on an incredible ride through the scenic setting where you will stumble upon friendly dolphins to fast-paced tigers. It houses magnificent wildlife from around the world, zebras, camels, antelopes, gazelles, rhinos, ostriches, Himalayan black bears, orangutans, etc. and give you an intimate encounter with these creatures. You can also find options to engage and entertain yourselves. To name a few, Wildlife Feeding Show, Jungle Cruise river ride, various daily shows and exhibits.

5.Enjoy the Thailand nightlife 

End the trip on a high note, literally! Booze and club in the lively and effervescent nightclubs and bars. This is one of the popular bachelor pads in the world. Go wild in the Hard Rock Cafe’s foam party or spend cheerful time at beach clubs and sunset bars or celebrate the full moon party. Dig into the scrumptious food and go round the extensive culinary scenes at those street hawker centres.


Babgkok serves a combination of ancient and modern. From the glittering temples to the bustling markets, spending 3 days in Bangkok is an adventure. If you want to escape the metropolis vibe and continue the nature bliss, visit the nearby attractions of Bagsean Beach and Khao Yai National Park.

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