Visit these 5 Best Spas in Thailand and Reclaim your Mind and Soul

Anantara Bophut Koh Samui Resort & Spa, Bophut Bay

Thailand is known all over as a holiday destination. Its nightlife, shopping districts, and beaches attract tourists from all over the world. The capital city of Bangkok is primarily the main tourist attraction, with people of different nationalities descending upon the city to unwind! However, you may be surprised to know that Thailand is also well-known for its wellness spa centers – it has plenty of them.

If you are planning to visit Thailand, do check easy and affordable Thailand visa. With our guide to the best wellness spas in Thailand, you can rest assured of getting quality treatment and value for money. Check out our list of the 5 best spas in Thailand.

5 Rejuvenating Spas in Thailand For Therapeutic Treatments

1.Museflower Retreat & Spa, Chiang Rai

Museflower Retreat & Spa, Chiang Rai

This spa center has become popular among locals and tourists owing to its focus on offering luxury care at affordable prices. In addition to a range of wellness offerings, the place offers organic, hand-picked food to tourists, making up for a completely amazing experience. The unique healing therapies at the spa make up for great relaxation and rejuvenation.

The USP of this Thai spa is it has the world’s first Hado energy balancing counseling available outside Japan in English. Alternative treatment and healing, including Crystal Healing, Reiki, and Magnified Healing, is also available to guests.

On your way out, you can choose from a range of wellness products that may not be easily available elsewhere. On offer are Himalayan crystal salt lamps and pink Himalayan crystal salt.

2.Anantara Bophut Koh Samui Resort & Spa, Bophut Bay – Koh Samui

The spa is known for their signature treatment – the Anantara Lawana Coconut Paradise – which includes coconut scrub and Thai massage. This, combined with the beautiful ambience which gives users views of mesmerizing Thailand beach makes up for an amazing experience. Also popular among tourists is the Dawn Renewal treatment, which is sought-after for relieving jet-lag. Make your Thailand holidays a memorable and tranquil experience by visiting this world-famous spa.

3.The Sanctuary, Koh Phangan

The Sanctuary, Koh Phangan

The wellness treatment at the Sanctuary is aimed towards total detoxification through a combination of activities and food. Guests are interviewed and given consultation about their detoxification program, which range from one to 10 days.

The spa offers a range of wellness food and beverages, such as psyllium husk and organic coffee colonic flush to help the body in detoxifying itself. The spa center also offers ladies-only dorms, so if you are a single woman visiting Thailand, you can keep consider this one.

4.Banyan Tree Spa, Phuket

Banyan Tree Spa, Phuket

If you holidaying in Phuket and want to have an immersive, relaxing experience, head straight to the internationally-acclaimed Banyan Tree Spa. The center offers a range of wellness treatments, with The Royal Banyan treatment and The Rainmist Experience popular among tourists.

The spa offers a combination of east-meets-west treatments and you are one of those who has been worn out by the hectic schedules, relaxation at this spa can do restore calmness and tranquility. Visit the Banyan Tree Spa in Phuket for a range of spa and wellness treatments.

5.Spa at Chiva-Som, Bangkok

Spa at Chiva-Som, Bangkok

Host to the likes of Hugh Grant, Kate Moss, and Liz Hurley, Chiva-Som in Bangkok is a luxury place that will cost relatively higher than other spa resorts on this list. This wellness centers focuses on the boosting the body’s natural ability to recover and renew itself. The spa does it through personalized detox, yoga, Cell Vitality, Natural Renewal, and holistic spa experiences.

These treatment regimens are done with the help of experienced staff who recommend treatments based on individual’s body type. A number of facial massages are also offered to guests. Overall, a relaxing and calm experience awaits you at Chiva-Som in Bangkok.

These were the 5 best spas in Thailand that will distress you and rejuvenate your body and soul. If you know of any other great places, let our readers know it.

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