8 Must Visit Places During Thailand Rainy Season to Enjoy Thai Monsoon

Rainy Season

Thailand is a serene tropical country. It houses various temples and museums highlighting the cultural aspects and architectural skills. Besides these, the country boasts beautiful beaches, amazing national parks, and extensive wildlife. It offers plenty of activities for people looking for adventure, peace of mind, and art.

Best time to Visit Thailand: Weather by Month & Average Temperature

Thailand experiences three main seasons. The overall temperature and other factors determine the travel plans for tourists visiting Thailand. Thailand is flocked with visitors during peak seasons when the weather is favourable. Know more about the Thailand climatic conditions:

  1. The hot season usually lasts from April to June, with temperatures as high as 44° C. This season is the best time to visit Thailand if you want to feel the cool breeze by the shoreline and sunbathe on one of the beautiful beaches of Thailand with clear white sands and blue oceans.
  1. Rainfall occurs from July to October. Monsoons usually bring a relief in the weather dropping the temperatures between 27 and 30 °C in northern and central Thailand. However, it does not always rain. Most of the sightseeing spots are not crowded, and a person can book a ticket or hotel at low rates. The thing is that most people consider rainy weather to mar their holiday. But this is not true; you can balance sightseeing and other indoor activities, like shopping, learning Thai cooking, etc, as per the rainfall. The southern part of Thailand can be avoided since it rains cats and dogs during this time.
  1. The cool season starts from November till March, and this is the perfect time of the year to visit Thailand, and many people do. Flight and hotel bookings are comparatively costlier this season and major sightseeing spots are full of tourists. But, not to forget, the weather in this season is the most pleasant of all. Major Thai festivals are also celebrated during this time, thus drawing in more tourists.

Should I Consider Vacationing In Thailand In The Rainy Season?

If you are frustrated by the overcrowded concrete jungle and want to visit serene places with fresh cool breezes, you should consider vacationing during the rainy season in Thailand. During this time, you can visit various tourist spots with a calm mind since it is not as crowded during the peak season. The flight bookings and hotel accommodations are also comparatively cheaper. So, rainy season is one of the best times to apply for Thailand visa from Dubai and explore the country.

The monsoon season in Thailand does not include continuous rain  for days. Most rainfall usually occurs in September-October, that too only in the afternoon and evening for a short time.

You can enjoy various indoor activities like shopping, taking spas, Thai massages, and dining in restaurants. You can avoid visiting southern Thailand during the rainy season, but northern and central Thailand have much to offer.

The waterfalls, streams, and rivers are flooded with water during the monsoon season and are at their absolute best. The landscapes and rainforests are lush green as they return back to life after the arid dry season. Visiting National Parks is a must while touring during the rainy season.

What To Do During The Rainy Season In Thailand?

In the rainy season, tourist spots or activity centers are less crowded and cheaper. Adventure sports, thrilling activities, sacred temples, and a lot more can be visited in Thailand.

1. Bangkok

The busy capital of Thailand has a lot of tourist spots. When it’s clear outside, you can go to the local markets during the day or the unique night markets in Chinatown. When it rains, you can visit the amazing Bangkok Art and Culture  Centre and witness the beautiful artworks displayed in galleries.

People looking to buy luxury items can go to Siam Paragon.MBK Center is an affordable shopping arena. If you want to explore the historical aspects of the city, then the Royal Barges Museum or Bangkok National Museum is perfect.

Sports enthusiasts can witness the Muay Thai fight, which is the National Sport of Thailand, at Lumphini Boxing Stadium or Ratchdamnoen Stadium to get thrilled to the core. Easykart Bangkok is amazing for witnessing another thrilling activity, go-karting at 70km/hr. In all, you can have the most of your time here, even if it rains.

2. Chiang Mai

It is located in the northern part of Thailand. When there is sunshine, you can trek in the jungles and up the mountains for a more magnificent view and calmness of mind. Many museums like the Chiang Mai National Museum and the Tribal Museum exhibit the ancient ruins of the city.

If it starts raining you can take a Thai cooking class from one of the many cooking schools here and learn to cook delicious dishes like pad Thai and tom yum goong or even savour them in restaurants and cafes. You can also get a Sak Yant tattoo from a traditional Thai monk or a traditional Thai massage from professional Thai ex-prisoners under proper surveillance.

3. Koh Tao

Koh Tao

Koh Tao is the beach paradise of Thailand with beautiful sandy beaches and spectacular oceans. Sai Ree Beach stretches for over 2 km, while the Chalok Ban Kao  spans a distance of  500m. Long walks on the beach, while admiring the sea waters is the most loved activity during this time. As it does not continuously rain on the eastern coast, you can visit one of the many small beaches in and around Thailand. You may also get a chance to see the majestic killer and blue whales.

4. Pang Sida National Park

It is located in Tha Yaek, Sa Kaeo. About 400 species of butterflies and various flora and fauna are found here. Since the rainy season has started, the entire jungles and landscapes are full of life. It is a must-visit if you want to expedite the natural wonders of Thailand.

5. Terrace Farming at Baan Nam Suang

Satisfy yourself with the aroma of Hmong jasmine rice fields that are grown in the many terraces at Baam Nam Suang. Learn about the Hmong culture and how they grow this unique variety of rice. The golden rice fields form a spectacular view.

6. Huai Luang Waterfall

Huai Luang Waterfall in Rainy Season

It is the time of the year when you can witness the waterfalls at their absolute best and the sheer sound of the water falling on the rocks. You can have a short picnic there while admiring the scenery around. There are many waterfalls in Thailand and Huai Luang Waterfall is one of them with a drop height of 40 m.

7. Pha Men-Khao Pok Viewpoint

It is an underrated viewpoint as before it was just a bald mountain but now it is bustling with wildlife like tigers, boars, etc. Since it is not the tourist season, it is less crowded here so you can visit this place peacefully.

8. Dok Kra Jiao Field

This pink-colored flower, called the Siam Tulip, also known as Dok Kra Jiao flower, blooms once a year only during this time of the year. It is also an amazing opportunity to get photographed near the flower beds.

What To Pack During This Time?

Since, it is the rainy season, packing too many fancy items is inappropriate. The main items that need to be packed are strapped sandals to prevent the rain from clogging your feet since the streets are usually wet. Umbrellas count as heavy luggage if you are traveling as a group so raincoats are the best option to keep, just in case there are sudden rains. The baggage, whether big or small, should be waterproof to prevent the items  from getting wet.

A pair of light clothes are suitable for sunny days. You should ensure that you keep full-sleeved and decent clothes while visiting temples or if the weather gets cooler.


This blog proves that it is just a myth that Thailand should not be visited during the rainy season. Thailand has many things to offer from the beaches, oceans, waterfalls, and greenery all around to shopping malls, art museums, and temples. Not to forget, all this fun and enjoyment is under your budget since it is not the peak season. Thailand is rightly known as the Land of Smiles because of the welcoming nature of the people.


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