An Incredible 6 Days Family Trip To Thailand

A Trip To Thailand With Family

Thailand, wherever and whenever we hear about it, the first thing that comes to our mind is solace. Thinking more about it brings us to a new world of our imagination where we are on the beach, maybe in a temple, or near the coral island and everything is just peaceful making us feel free from our daily chores. Thailand is not far from India thus making it a great holiday spot for many.

Best Time to Visit Thailand

The best time to visit Thailand is from November to March, with temperatures ranging from 19 °C to 30 °C. It is also the busiest season of the country. From the middle of March until July, it is hotter outside so it could be a little troublesome while exploring around, following which comes the rainy season to visit Thailand bringing a sigh of relief.

6-Day Itinerary to Thailand

Day 1

Wat Arun Temple


We start our journey by first flying to Bangkok. The flight won’t take too much time and the day will stay long. We would recommend taking precautions to avoid jetlag and gather yourself for the whole new journey in the Thailand’s capital. The city stays lively 24*7 and you can get to see anything expected and everything unexpected. The city is bright and full of wonders. Start your journey at Sathorn Central Pier; hop on the Chao Phraya Tourist boat and that’s where the fun begins. The boat will take you to the Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn); starting the journey with spirituality will help you relax all the fatigue of the flight to Thailand. The temple itself seems a creation by God. The art and architecture will not let your eyes move an inch. Get back in the boat and next station would be the Grand Palace, where you would walk through the royal gardens, & take in the splendor of the courtyards. Also, visit the museum nearby. Lunch is served at the ‘Taste of India’ restaurant, which is required after you have worked up an appetite. In the evening travel back to Wat Arun Temple and enjoy the mesmerizing view of the sunset.

Day 2

Chinatown and Young Night

Chinatown Thailand

Start a new day in the bright city of Bangkok and get ready to explore the streets and markets. There are souvenirs to buy and new things to explore. Explore the market of Wang Lang Streets and  Sampeng. There you will find local shops featuring exclusive clothes and essential stuff. Street food is highly recommended if you want to try something new. Later moving on to MBK Center, it is a shopping mall full of everything you might be seeking. If streets were not able to give you what you needed the mall will surely fulfill it. After a day of retail therapy, why not discover the fun in China town’s young nights? A large gathering of people come together to celebrate, and the feast is exceptionally delicious.

Day 3



Staying in Thailand and not being able to connect with animals and take a tour of the mini-Venice of Thailand are something no one would ever miss. We started the day with a drive and added Pattaya to our destination. It is famous for its various sightseeing locations. Having Pattaya in our destination itself adds Tiger Park to the list, it’s the best thing to do if you love animals and always dreamed of hugging a tiger. Next up is the little Venice, the floating market in Pattaya. There are lots of eateries and shops with handmade bags and shops full of elegant clothes. After all the boat rides and facing up the tiger, tasty food is needed to bring back energy. Last but not the least in the list would be the Underwater aquarium, where you will be able to watch aquatic animals in peace.

Day 4

Koh Tao

James Bond Island Thailand

Why just stay in the city and see what’s on land–why not get ourselves for what Thailand is famous for, the waterways? Starting the second half phase of the trip and getting ready for a cool breeze under a bright sunny day is ideal for sun kissers. The best way to reach Pattaya is through water. Reaching there would make you feel like you are coming to the true art of nature. Starting right through exotic seafood and getting ready for what’s coming is Scuba diving. First, just seeing Aquatic life from the other side of the glass feels magical. With the Sun above heads and a clear view of water with aquatic life is no less than a dream come true. Also, at the end of the day, we still have a joyful night, a barbeque, and a beach.

Day 5

Into The Wild

Floating Market

Staying amidst large mountains and water will make you excited about what’s there to explore more. Maybe something pops up like a once-in-a-lifetime view; who knows? Coming to the end of our tour with crazy happiness and memories, there is more to do, exploring the mountains and sightseeing from above where it is all peaceful. Trekking is something that makes you feel lively, especially in a place with big mountains and safety. There is less time left and more to explore. Coming down from the mountains, a perfect thing to do is sunbathing at the beach –Tropical fruits and coconut water with it served right. The last night of the trip shouldn’t be boring and what makes it interesting is a campfire with locals and dancing. Night-time horror stories are best to make it interesting. With almost a whole week of fun, rest is needed, so, giving our night to it.

Day 6

Coral Island

Coral Island Thailand

The best thing to do at last is to stay at Coral Island; it is full of beautiful sceneries and views. White sand beaches are popular among local people as well. Beaches help in relaxing and staying calm, a perfect place to meditate for a while. Nearby places are the best fit for fishing and enjoying. Enjoy breakfast and lunch at a beautiful place in the middle of huge trees.

Finally, the end of the trip is always the difficult part. Spending a week in such a peaceful place won’t allow us to go back to our daily lives, but it’s not the end of happiness. All the time spent is now memories, socollect them as much as you can –fill up your book of memoirs, and head back to your place. Gathering with everyone again at one table, talking about the trip, and sharing all you saw brings you abundant happiness.

Tips to Visit Thailand

Keep yourself aware of Thailand tips:

  • Carry insect repellent
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Get Immunized
  • Book your accommodations and flights in advance.
  • Follow the early bird policy for visas as well. Apply for Thailand tourist visa from Dubai keeping the turnaround time in mind.
  • Drink bottled water
  • Have different forms of identification
  • Choose Thai food wisely, especially street delicacies
  • Avoid driving a motorcycle, especially in Bangkok
  • Bring a padlock
  • Drink responsibly
  • Avoid scams


1. Is it worth going to Thailand?

Before you try, everything is a mystery, and talking about Thailand will never bring you sadness. It will be a great time there.

2. Is it easy to tour Thailand?

If it is in terms of budget or directions, Thailand brings a budget-friendly experience and bucket full of happiness, and everything there is simple and easy to understand. Explore temples, try street food, and island hop using local transportation and guesthouses. Traveling Thailand on budget is both fun and simple.

3. Anything to keep in mind before going to Thailand?

Do not ride elephants there and always cover your head before entering Thailand. Some cultural things are to be strictly followed there.

4. What are the popular public holidays in Thailand?

Public holidays in Thailand can be a great time to plan a trip. Some of the best holidays are Songkran (Thai New Year), New Year’s Day (January 1), and the King’s Birthday.

5. What are the best islands in Thailand?

Koh Samui, James Bond Island, Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lipe are some of the must-visit islands in Thailand.


A family trip to Thailand, a country endowed with exquisite beauty & grace, and elegance. Its greenery, mountains, water, and islands all have a unique beauty. Traveling with family members to such a fantastic destination can be exciting. The location is ideal for bonding with your family & having a fun vacation. With immense to both see and do in this incredible destination, planning your days is essential if you want to enjoy it fully. It is a land of smiles & blissful happiness, & here is how one can plan a truly unforgettable six-day family vacation to cherish this fantastic destination. If you are a shopaholic, you can check out our other guide on what and where to buy in Thailand.

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